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P T Hc Should Reid's HC Plan Cover The Cost Of An Abortion?

Should Reid's HC plan cover the cost of an abortion? - p t hc

Of course, you take the few cases where the mother's health concerns, abortion is not really just a form of birth control retroactive? No offense, but I do not think that money to subsidize taxpayers' poor planning. ...


Jimbo said...

Abortion is not and was never any question of rape, incest or the health of women in a situation of life or death. It is and has for many years a disguised form of contraception, and nothing more, except now it has become a big business in the health sector. Women now have an abortion because it is "inconvenient" take to the pill or use condoms, and a child seriously disrupts life to have. "And I did not let people off the Hook not. If the people now, where they drop their pants and make babies taken, there would be fewer of them ....... especially if several of them the child had to pay or go to jail until he did.

tonalc2 said...

Sigh. Not so.

John Boehner is an idiot. Jump on the same ridiculous Republicans to be "monthly premium of abortion."

Instead, the law is a provision in distorting the law, that insurance plans that cover for the abortion, their resources are so differently that they are not taxpayers' money to cover funding requires abortion. And since the law states that the exchange of health data from each state has at least one plan that are not on abortion (except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother's life), consumers are not obliged to abortions with their cousins to fund either.

Please try some research and critical thinking.

roosters... said...

Everyone is wrong at this point.

The plan would open the question.

It is not. Again, to no time or place, they inject the controversial war in the trenches on abortion.

It is sheer stupidity of Americans believe that you can not solve this as a separate issue that is carefully arranged in a different time.

Grandma Is God said...

If abortion is not covered, then we are all teenagers go on the back of the room and abortion clinics, as we are at the abortion was not legal. Even if you do not, then they have the baby and it will be many more children need adoption and many of them are no longer made and end up in foster care, this is questionable.

stanleys... said...

We have nothing to say where our money goes.

I did not want:
for the rescue of Freddie and Fannie
Transgenic rescue
Cap and prosecutors resolve - to "climate change" - with my money
"Stimulus" packages
You do not want the government anywhere near my health care
Cash Junk ...

Why have something to say to subsidize my money on the death of an unborn child?

Ben said...

Reid was left to betray her and to obtain a mammogram covered at 59, but not a day before a colonoscopy at age 65, the hearing aid 75, and paid for in cash vaccinated against influenza. Hip is up to the age of 61 years and 5 months are covered by this you are screwed!

So the dog is hoping to keep costs down. Ah yes, the abortion for women with 55 years!

Ron R said...

It seems that abortion is an afterthought of ...... Birth control and while the government pays for it ..... Hat is thoset benefit, except ....... Medicaid already covers that will not change ...... and the government can not deny ........ Mother is a hood "preexisting condition"

zzsleepu... said...

Nope ... But you have to mammograms. Prepared for those who want it. Take more tests, mammography ... .... .... Colonoscopy pr ... Cancer screening so they need somewhere to cut costs and preventive medicine is released.

WOW .. not what everyone she cried? We can not health care, a clinic, where an emergency is not enough, because there are preventive health care.


Screwed again, is not it?

Do not buy Preventive Medicine .... Doctors speak of what is said, and is not authorized and was shocked and said that it will cost more lives ...... no life!

Limit the care of elderly and disabled people and children who are sick ... because it does not matter, as well as healthy people.

Paying $ 10,000 for the insurance .. if you can afford it .. or go to jail.

But God is good for you. "We need information. We need to protect, withoutIT!

YEP .. the ruin of millions of lives and health risks for millions of dollars, half of the insurance policies that cover less than buying a health insurance more ...... azzed For the same price, and it is optional NOW! It's free clinics .... They have health care ... but by God, it is not enough. We have to bankrupt America ... to a double-dip recession, and for what?

Agenda ... But by God .. DEMS need those who know better than us!

And his assistant ... something of what you say. When you buy insurance you can of your choice on the basis of what they want to buy. So, if you pay for the abortion .., well ... but I am not funding abortions, because the people her damn zipper can be kept and your hormones under control!

It's a big difference, and you can not rely on!

Your Assistant said...

All health plans and the Republicans have the money for the abortion SO broadest sense and the desire abortions, illegal immigrants and foreigners, SO, payment is required to pay this regardless of the position of the file.
It is a silent problem, and you thought it was about 36 years. I want the religious right to keep their religion from my health and whether Dont Want to abortion because they do the same Democrats SAME WHEN IT COMES TO THE CRISIS time, you will receive DONT GET ONE.
If the law is not of abortions performed, why their population is growing faster than the left wing of the birth and would be more people. It succeeds only in a secret anymore

Hillary Democrat said...

NO ... I do not pay to assassinate ... But I'm opting out anyway .. I want to be the first of the fine is not paid, and take to the Supreme Court .. The bill is a constitutional ... What a shame it is to go to jail first, a Democrat for ....

CaptainF... said...

Let's put that aside for a moment. Have you seen Glenn Beck? My God, it has all kinds of BS from new taxes on the committee that the bill in the Senate. No, abortion should be covered.

Eat Me said...

If you do not like abortion then. It is a legal and safe medical procedure.

RoseRed2 said...

I'm going to cover contraception, sterilization or abortion.

Our2js said...

Hell no .... I will pay anyone, so they sing in their pants or keep them off his pants!

Karl Marx went to hell said...

Killing of newborn babies is madness

Conservative & American said...

No, I refuse to be moved money from the taxes on legalized murder.

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