Saturday, December 12, 2009

Teenager Bmi Table How To Calculate BMI In Teenagers?

How to calculate BMI in teenagers? - teenager bmi table

There is no table or anything comparato results?
Someone told me that he attended a WHO and CDC on the percentiles of the table, but I can not find it, I am the website of the CDC, but it is not updated!
I need version 2008 or better 2009!
Please help! U If you can, leave me the link from the site or books to see!


RiveraC said...

This site can help. The service, particularly for drivers, but has to take a simulator for the body mass index, body fat content, graphics, etc. and is able to change how the results with time.

marrant said...

Dear Giselle, you might want to ask this question on Yahoo U.S..

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