Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Which Are The Strongest Subwoofers Is Bigger Subwoofers Reduce The Fidelity Of The Music?

Is bigger subwoofers reduce the fidelity of the music? - which are the strongest subwoofers

I am a lover of music and plans to become a good speaker in my wants under pc.I strong must.But noticed that sometimes less is dominated buy more music.
What power a subwoofer is ideal for the home.


agb90spr... said...

It's not about power ... But the balance. Ideally, the subwoofers must treat footnotes (eg, below 80 Hz) and other stakeholders (ie,> 80 Hz).

Many subwoofers have a terminal block (like the speaker outputs of an amplifier) in the back or bottom, is heated to the provision of links for your amplifier or receiver to the subwoofer feed low, then take a separate cable to each front / Stereo speakers (no longer out of the main amplifier / receiver FED). It functions controlled by an intersection of the subwoofer, which separates the low frequencies and channels - through a volume control and variable frequency - for the subwoofer and feeds on the middle and high frequencies further / stereo speakers.

If you can adjust the subwoofer volume and frequency, as he (with the bass and mid tones of the main speakers that play no serious ground to compensate).

Another approach: Modern high-end amplifiers / receivers were often built in computer circuitry, with a microphone,be used to balance the surround speakers and a subwoofer amplifier connected directly to a controller.

Each method can give good sound. The secret lies not in the top layer low in order to overpower the mids and highs.

See the link to an image of a connection / Control Panel ... with text to describe what they are doing things. You will not be the same, but may help.

Hope this helps everyone.

artpoz said...

First, start with satellite speakers is really good, then buy a sub-group, which has a volume control on it. U must be able to exactly how serious u how to solve it. U must be at least an 8 "sub.

Grumpy Mac said...

As I said agb90 - Some receivers come with a microphone to adjust the speaker output level.

You can get calibrated speakers. Get a copy of Avia or Video Essentials DVD and Radio Shack SPL meter. The DVD is a guide on how to calibrate the speakers. (and many other things).

This means your water is causing the volume correspond to other speakers.

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