Sunday, December 13, 2009

Projector Table How Do I Know If A Projector Is A Good Investment?

How do I know if a projector is a good investment? - projector table

Can a projector TV, DVD's, playing Xbox and use it as a computer monitor to see? Is it better to mount on the ceiling or placed on a table in the middle of the room? What is a good brand and price? As the cost of replacing bulbs on average?


The Soundbroker said...

Yes, you can use a projector to see all of the above formats. It is a good investment? That depends on you. The headlights have the advantages are the screen size, impact and the fact that they occupy virtually to zero space. There is no argument that shows your computer, X-Box or a movie on a 100-inch diagonal, and brings a great deal of enthusiasm for your entertainment. However, light bulbs (to be fair, this also applies to rear projection LCD and DLP projectors), after thousands of hours and replacement costs are between $ 250 - $ 800 with an average of about $ 350. That said, you could buy a lot of hell of a replacement lamps for the price difference between a 100 "projection system and 100" plasma set (approximately $ 2,000 for a projector with high-definition sound with a screen against $ 80,000 for a TV 100 " plasma). Brand wise, is excellent Panasonic, Optoma's excellent. Use to consider these factors and then decide whether it is worthwhile to use a projector.

Aaron said...

Perhaps, but I heard that the bulbs last only a few thousand hours in usually one or two years, and the bulbs typically cost 60-70% of the selling price of the projector $ 400 or $ 500. Cover is the best.

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