Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Lip Gloss In The World Why Did I Roll My Lip Gloss Off My Desk Onto The Floor?

Why did i roll my lip gloss off my desk onto the floor? - the best lip gloss in the world

Why should I roll my lip gloss on my desk on the floor?
Okay, I have it on purpose and that everyone in the world of Mr. Blue blue eyes what has happened, and said to him: "That is not my color." It is a bad thing for me, but I was bored. They come for me to play this stupid?


First NameLaura said...

YES. Be very, very stupid.

Mr. Blue Eyes Blue sounds like you have a sense of humor. Nice. Waiting to see how it goes.

We have great expectations for you. Keep reporting.

Magic 8 Ball BILF said...

You must be on your list to highlight it. If know, in fact, what your color, material to prevent it from right now?

Seriously, if you are bored at work, then you should have fun doing with you.

Beefy Cheeks said...

Maybe the next time you should make a sign on his desk that, "says I'm an idiot" coincidence that the band continues on the back and with your day

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