Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Do You Say Congrats For Having A Baby To All Ttc'ers, How Do You Put On A Fake Smile And Say Congrats?

To all ttc'ers, how do you put on a fake smile and say congrats? - how do you say congrats for having a baby

I know that jealousy is a terrible thing! But how do you say congratulations to someone pregnant if you have a very difficult time and did not even try to concieve?

I went to my honey, Family's house last night and his sister told me she was pregnant .. I do not think lol, I still had another proof of the positive to take as he showed me lol one, and it always came back positive and my stomach just Knotts. I never had sex before and she said, was his first time! really struck me as silly in the stomach, but I sucked smiled and said congratulations. How is it possible that for the first time they had sex and he left them something to fight for them or if you want to know more? I know its horrible and I feel like an ugly person, butbut it seems that I once treatment is started on all around me getting pregnant, except me ... by the way me and my Honey baby danced last night, wish me luck!


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