Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watch Bang Bus Videoes Free How Should I Deal With This Situation?

How should i deal with this situation? - watch bang bus videoes free

Ok it's a child on my bus last year and he always used to jump on the back seat, where my and my friend, but so far this year has now "_____" off.Well your friend. But I ignored. Then he began to harass my friend HES all how to find money for this phone? And why speak Chinese? (Sailing), which give a plate of biscuits and "bad give me my cookies" D *** "I ignored. Thats me feel like sexual harassment, how should we deal with it?
1) Send an anonymous e-mail saying that my school and see the movie of my bus today?

Disrespect 2)

Other ideas 3)?

In the 7th in the Class and I'm a girl



Seeing Eye said...

Books that you need to ask hard. Probably not expect that a young girl. If there is something new for you, you will have a bus full of people on their side, because nobody likes to see a girl that you seek. You may have problems, but is temporary (perhaps a suspension, which is not really much). Just think of peace when you have these fools realize that he kisses her. Nobody does a girl react strongly if they knew what was going on. The main (but not said), believes that children deserve it (if you jump) in the face.

success_... said...

I told him if it bothers you more informed than the teacher / director / authority, and he moved, and return to work. If you want more evidence, call the phone number of your friend, if its in the bag and left him to voicemail. It is everything that is said to be incorporated, and the date and time. You can submit evidence to the SA when necessary.

After the personal opinions of seat belts in buses is not much to do, as far as I know that not only records video, sound.

♥♥Live life to the full♥♥ said...

Hola = D
Sounds like a horrible situation where you are, but what would I say it's longer ignore for a few days and then think back on the scene, the boys arrive.
Say yes, e-mail to see your school to this day the band bus.
Any return things for him, or if you know everything you can feel guilty, which is terribly respond, not to his stupid behavior.

You should talk to someone if they do not get through.

Feel free to add me to your contacts and good luck xx

иιккι❤ [тєαм ν ∂υв] said...

Id ignore what he said about his tail that does not exist. when he says such a thing again, I personally slap. I spoke in this way. but probably should inform their school psychologist, because it is sexual harassment.

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