Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage Barrel Trash Can Vintage Pistol?

Vintage pistol? - vintage barrel trash can

My grandfather gave me this weapon is born. their account with a shotgun and it is made of metal with a bone handle lokking.

As you might think selling on eBay?


WESS LB said...

E-bay no longer accepts ads for firearms. Instead, use Take your weapon, a gun store and the trust must be evaluated to see that none of you has the advantage.

Geeeyaaa said...

I do not think you can sell real firearms on eBay.

It may sell toy guns.

elmjunbu... said...

They are not nearly enough information or description. You have all the features of the state, all you can give on this weapon.

Scrap master said...

Well, it depends. You have a barrel? If you have a number that indicates the type of projectile fired. The language also provides some clues. I hope it is German, because the old German guns often be very useful to the state. Good luck

MICHAEL L said...

# 1 Little Bay and the son of Don, sold Pistol T, S # 2 should be $ $ $ gribing sob sell something that you gave your gradpa

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