Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kaiser Porcelain Figurine Where Do I Find Valuation Of Figurines?

Where do I find valuation of figurines? - kaiser porcelain figurine

I sell figurines and models of cars, etc. for my father and me to trade, eBay etc. Where can I find out what those reasons are really worth. In other words, like a porcelain figurine of Emperor (German) of the mare and foal Thoroughbred gawantka made by Wolfgang. If you have an idea that I heard.


lbgpaul said...

If the numbers still be in production facilities, the original manufacturer, the current price at retail.

It is likely that most of what you want, were taken to sell the parts, or for what you want to see exposed to a target price of aftermarket. In many cases, the orientation of the prices may not exist, and find the only way to get the approximate values of other sales of identical or similar to.

Kovels.com provides online price guides, but can not cover everything, and they require an annual fee to access their money sources. Amazon and other sellers offer good prices for books printed guides for many. Specialist retailers like woolvey.com replacements.com figure and can be a good source for price comparisons as well.

Steven D said...

If it with the same quality that are really valuable.Here Hummel 's website:
http://www.kaiser-porzellan.com/englisch ...
Can they hold as assets to be today.

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