Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Windowblinds 7 How Sig6 Does System Restore Fix An SID Change?

Does system restore fix an SID change? - windowblinds 7 how sig6

Ok, so I downloaded a flood of windowblinds6.3 and the readme file says
"Install" No, first!

To crack:
1) Open generator.exe sid
2) approve the agreement to go ahead and click on "Continue"
3 You da) are 3 options, select the last "Enter SID
4) Copy "S-1-5-21-1491950412-2009852829-40497416 ... and paste in the text box and follow
5 Wait) a little, and then restart the computer
6) Install WindowBlinds
7) Copy the crack file Sig6 and paste it into your installation directory
8) Have fun! "

So I changed it and I'm just wondering, will change the SID System Restore?


Colinc said...

Everything what you have done your SID is identical with another user elsewhere. A system is likely to recover, or as I have seen in many cases, completely trash the system. In these cases resulted in the loss of files and programs. This is the greatest risk of illegal software, urged the people, I do not care if the garbage machine.

Adam said...

Only if included in the Register ... WindowBlinds is not worth all the problems that System Restore will you do ... in front of your subject. Do not attempt an answer, does not want to give that to hear, but I was on the road and kills WindowBlinds performance for any reason.

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