Friday, February 12, 2010

Public Masterbation Photos I Am Autistic And Is Stemming Really That Bad?

I am autistic and is stemming really that bad? - public masterbation photos

I think the high-functioning autism, and began to, once his mother as a great feeling when you do .. It's a bit like when we do not get high .. Is it really so bad? I do not do it in public or in front of other people. That is all I can think about why people are so ageist him?

The man masterbation almost the same level of pleasure.


ZoeLouis... said...

Totally agree with you. I have four children, three are autistic, cut themselves as the highest performance.

All mothers, from the front by the hour back, turned the hair, snapped fingers and toys in the rotation.

They must do, whenever you want, as we know, release their frustrations and calm. I have never stopped this activity, but tend to remain in the comforts of home, school and after can be seen as another child in sight, but causes their chances in the joyous chaos, if the business and go about things they should not touch ... .

Do not worry about what others think! I remember a story of a woman at a seminar of the National Society for Autism. SHE was moderate autism, and said he would be nothing better that than sitting in a crowded train and shredding paper into small strips and over again. She said the look he received some were bad, and move many of SA in their vicinity would be to other places.
I understand that view for those who do not understand autism, this behavior is so strange and frightening at times, he learned that by sitting on the toilet in the train, the paper without being able to finish all around him.

Just be yourself hun, you are you, unique and special. Whatever you are relaxed and comfortable, do it!

MissBeha... said...

Stimming is called. Sometimes people need incentives. Just do not come in the way of other things like school work, interact with others, or cleaning the house.

In young children with autism Stimming is not good, because it interferes with brain development and language. In theory, in those areas already developed, so have some Stimming, you must solve by itself.

Don'tWor... said...

My daughter is autistic and is 10 I've always assumed that the necessary incentives. For their fear when they collect the Fielded all their toys like mad. For them to bring order and meaning in the chaos was what he felt.

Stimming not work though with the school or social situation, then in my book is well interfere. If it is more important than anything else, then it is reigned in.

Did you know that the biggest challenge when nervous or anxious? It's just that "typical" people are stima socially acceptable. Things like smoking, chewing gum, fingernails, which spins, the hair, biting, finger tapping, foot tapping, doodling while on the phone. All the activities that people usually take part iNot calm down and get centered and focused not think twice before you think.

justmein... said...

1 of all - his call for his short Stimming behavior of the self-stimulation --

Some experts say it is totally inappropriate - but many people with autism say they are and what we think is bad for them that he was forced to stop, too.

They seem to have control over them - if not with a person that affect their functioning, you ---

nubiange... said...

I think the stigma associated with, because people do in public and do not always understand what they are doing. So, if you do in private, then I think it is very good.

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