Friday, February 19, 2010

Settlement Letter For Car Accident Templates Car-Bike Accident?

Car-Bike Accident? - settlement letter for car accident templates

I just recently had a car accident bicycle. We decided to submit the settlement agreement. I have to pay an amount of Lum money to the wheel in repair. I've done it and I want to sign an agreement saying no liability for future repairs to. He agreed, but how can I write the letter of agreement? Another thing that the lesions is very limited and a slight sprain in his leg, which has already tried to heal him and herself too seriously, if not even pay to see a doctor and you force me not to. It sounds great for me and what I fear is that if future injury will make it liable to the same incident, I would say that what is physically fit and not pay all medical costs. JuThis is the part where (I worry that if you do not agree to sign as part of my medical expenses they can blame any future medical expenses for other reasons), what should I do?

This is the letter I will write ageement:

I (my name / number identifitcation) is already the amount of $ X for repairs (your name or identification number) 's bike is not responsible for the repairs even the future of motorcycle racing.

I do not believe that the medical portion of these costs. How can I say that the person feels well and requires no medication and not to pay for their own future without drugs incident?

Thank you, any help is appreciated, this is my first accident andI'm pretty traumatized from it. Please lead me, if you can. Thank you again ...


CowboyBi... said...

Your consent is not worth the paper it is written. He plays with a snake is very important and dangerous mate. If you insist, should the two hundred U.S. dollars to spend at least ask for a lawyer to draft a release form and the testimony of the colony. If he refuses to a document, you should put your insurance at a time, contact number (I still can not believe). Even the best intentions and actions of the most honest people can transform themselves into demons when you least expect it. His injuries "small" can cause a variety of diseases (and possible scarring, infection, treatment of long duration, etc..) Are you confident enough to risk that kind of money and asked to hand in the release writing ?
Let your emotions cloud goodCase now - if you make a reservation, contact your insurance company have.

notaclue said...

I am not a lawyer and I suggest that you continue with this really was a man on the way, if someone presents the idea in his head. I know that the term "unjustifiable" I think that covers all future claims. But as I said, a lawyer is your best answer, and no doubt they will ask more than just write a statement for you. You can also go online to and ask for a lawyer or there are many legitimate sites that you can download various types.

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