Monday, January 4, 2010

Charger Ic Motorola W375: Where Is The Part On The Phone That You Connect The Mains Charger To????

Motorola W375: where is the part on the phone that you connect the mains charger to???? - charger ic

I bought a Motorola W375 and the position of the IC, as I ant not found anywhere in Ontario, the cell phone charger connect to the net! I find the USB connector for connection to the PC, but not if you want to help the charger from the mains, please! xxx


subtext said...

According to the manual, the charger plug into the mini-USB connector. It is not uncommon that the USB cable and charger share the same outlet in the vast majority of mobile phones.

This phone also charges when on the computer with the mini-USB cable connected, you have to do anything with the network.

Click on the link to the source of W375 User Manual that confirms this. Battery information on page 23 for loading. A diagram of a mobile phone confirming the location of mini-USB/charging shared decision page 2

Enjoy your new phone. Looks like a beautiful model!

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