Sunday, January 17, 2010

Turkish Coffee Pot Where Can I Get Turkish Coffee Pot? My Old One Broke.?

Where can I get turkish coffee pot? My old one broke.? - turkish coffee pot



The Unknown Chef said...

Try a Greek grocery store, use them like in Turkey, I have a for 4 people, I bought here in Toronto, Canada, in my Greek people, checking in the city, which some early invitations save "fuel and frustration if they have a place, then a put option by correspondence may in order, or a trip to a metropolitan area with more ethnic area in these things.

PS Get the guy with the bolt handle, the welds rather wear out with use.

gg said...

You must be a ".... BRIKI ibrik "Some people call looking for her. They refer to what looks like a small pot, right?

I have in a place called Boston Stoker Dayton, OH, back in the day. I do not know if they sell too. Great importance.

Suzy said...

I never knew that are hard to find. (I a Turk and a coffee addict) am
try to Cart Turkish, Greek or Arabic. all the same. If you are in London, visit Harringey (full of Turkish and Greek)

~ Floridian`` said...

He saw the sale to Disney's Epcot World Showcase ... Morocco!

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