Friday, January 15, 2010

Polymer Clay Pasta Machine Air Bubbles In Polymer Clay....?

Air bubbles in polymer clay....? - polymer clay pasta machine

My bills always in the polymer clay oven with bubbles everywhere. This is what happens:

I count, color, or seal, and then baked. Hopefully, no air bubbles.

Then put a piece of clay around the bead to create, the faded translucent look you want. Translucent clay ring in the thinnest setting on my pasta machine, according to the package, then I rolled even thinner with acrylic thinner then run track, even with their hands. Then I put on the ball, rolling the ball into his hands after the translucent clay, he is pleased about the power of bubbles. Once all the bubbles disappeared seem Bye-bye, I cook for the required time. I take it out of the oven, and air bubbles appear throughout the original string between the heel and the layer of transparent sound. The grinding will not solve the problem - that only creates holes in the dough translucent, where the blisters were.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you =)


iroc70 said...


its wrapping around the ball and roller bearings, as you say it, makes bubbles that tries a few lines of small pieces of sound rises and falls share. In his paper two clays together when the pressure on the clay are the lines, they look to go somewhere with sound. Pressing to make the sound from the center to the edges of the clay to begin the troops from the air of sound through the lines, a bubble in the EM-layer

This will create their accounts sound, here are some other tips are found on the Internet:

To reduce air bubbles in the pile of mud, boulders or pieces of clay against the rolling ball. For the stratified air, you can add really to produce the sound, the bubbles. Use of this Council, I rarely bubbles in my tone.

Here's a site that you should see: ...

Hope this helps

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