Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wedding Programs Bulletins What Type Of Paper Would Be Better For Wedding Programs?

What type of paper would be better for wedding programs? - wedding programs bulletins

I am pleased with the wedding program to buy from a seller on E-Bay. The auction said that the document is 32 kilograms of paper, and I realized that I normally things, etc. can print, the salesman said he also has 110 lb card. Which is better?

Or, what is the ideal role for marriage programs. I do not have the appearance cheap. I'm a triple double in the program.


fall bride said...

110 # probably will not run on a normal printer, but can also break folded, though. # 32 is very thin, a little heavier than a normal copy paper. I looked at a population of 65 or # 80 # card. # 65 is best for the printer can not run 80 #

Mrs Noel ♥6/19/2010♥ said...

I use the card to 110 pounds. That's what I'm used to my calls. Compare prices before you buy on eBay. I have a Reem 250 (approx) sheet of cardboard to 110 pounds for about $ 5 at Walmart. If you are with the white of the friction, which can also claim a trip to Wally World.

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