Monday, January 25, 2010

What To Write In Best Friends Wedding Card What Should I Write As Three Of My Weaknesses In My Internship Application?

What should I write as three of my weaknesses in my internship application? - what to write in best friends wedding card

I do not want to write that I'm a workaholic, because even though I am, I think that they see through me too. I also believe that every second year high school, including the application that I know I should probably write something positive about my weaknesses, but I can not think of anything, and I have three. Please help! Thanks in advance! :)


Maria said...

Find these things and turn - sometimes burning car at a constant amount of work.

jerryb said...

They spend too much time: rewriting, testing followed by errors in grammar, with a treasure of words specific research ideas in the recent order of the accuracy of the schedule.

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