Friday, January 8, 2010

Female Sitting On Tummy Female How Do I Know If My Female Jackson Chameleon Is Pregant Like What Should I Look For And The Syptoms Pls Help?

How do i know if my female jackson chameleon is pregant like what should i look for and the syptoms pls help? - female sitting on tummy female

shes so great i just bought at the pet store, if I do not know what my friends say it's probably because he eats a lot, but when he is on his stick in the belly hangs a little, and we really need is to take help if you are pregnant and symptoms, please, because I am not with Jackson Chameleons


Lyricoll said...

I think it would be a change in behavior. Perhaps they are lazy and just not move much. Besides the physical changes that will be it, certain behavior. To line up or go to your local pet store.

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