Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tape Worms More Condition_symptoms What To Expect After Feline Treatment Of Tape Worms?

What to expect after feline treatment of tape worms? - tape worms more condition_symptoms

My vet recommended I Praziquantel Feline Tape Worm Tabs I Tradewinds. I gave him a dose of approximately 5 hours and not to litter, because to go. What can I expect? Spend a large tapeworm? It may, a few days to completely leave your system? Each additional person for your cat this medicine and had diarrhea or dehydration? I also have the advantage for chips now, so I have covered that part.


justaskm... said...

After treatment, the tapeworm dies and is digested in the gut. Generally, tapeworms all segments of the tapeworm or not through the mud in most cases happen. Rare side effects are sometimes reported, such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Good luck!

Tammy848 said...

Give him time, I could go today could tomorrow, so eather worm band is now dead.

Jo said...

After worming for tapeworms, a giant worm comes out. When they go to the toilet is something like rice segments at certain times, but after the treatment, you can not see it. I do not know know about medicine, but ask your veterinarian if your cat has treated it in a few weeks. In addition, after deworming had never been a cat get constipated or dehydrated. Also not familiar with this drug. I vomit from untreated cats is a long worm several inches, but I've never seen before.

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