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Spiritual Candles Why Are Bells Rung And Candles Lit In Churches/temples? Does It Have Any Spiritual Significance?

Why are bells rung and candles lit in churches/temples? Does it have any spiritual significance? - spiritual candles

Now I see, back in the day - before radio and television, it is difficult to
To get information to people. Someone has calculated that
if there is a wide-tower to the top - which can be used to call people to worship miles. They have no electricity at this time
or candles to light the best method available for services
during the hours of darkness.


Cecile said...

1] The Catholic Church long ago, the rich and famous sit in the front rows, so that the poor and the poor in the back and could not see the consecration of the Eucharist. So high is the host, followed by the ringing of a bell, sending the bell rings. , Die for those who do not do at mass, the time to kneel and bow before Jesus is, therefore, in the Eucharist, and was involved in the holy sacrifice.
2] Candles ... In the resurrection, Christ is the light. So, we Catholics Candle beds constantly ask Jesus to participate in our lives.

Azure Z said...

They were of pagan origin. Christianity has tons of things that have finally had replaced the pagan religions in Europe. Almost everything in Christianity back to paganism. Some were taken directly from the pagan world, some of which borrowed from Judaism. However, the Jews took everything in their religion from earlier pagan religions. So in the end everything goes back to paganism.

In fact, resurrect the dying child / God-of-plea of the Egyptian myth of Osiris. It was a pattern that is also reflected in various pagan religions, such as the cult of Mithra and Tammuz.

Although not many people know today, that Christianity is the majority of its elements have been placed well before the pagan myths are available, early Christians were well aware. In fact, one of the things about their religion that they caused so many questions. Finally, leaders of the early Church declared that Satan in advance, what would Jesus do need to know and that Satan had the "gods" of paganism madeIons do the same, so that Christianity would be discredited before it even starts. Of course, only an idiot, I really believe the bull type. Unfortunately, the first church was his only chance full of idiots. In fact, most early Christians were slaves, and class citizens or less completely uneducated.

Christianity was an important resource for the lowest strata of the Roman Empire. It was the only thing that was really new to Christianity, - designed to attract people from lower classes. Most religions at the time praised the rich and powerful and almost unknown for the poor. Christianity, however, criticized the rich and powerful and has said that even the lowest official from one day to enjoy Paradise. That is one reason that Christianity was so huge - most people in the Roman Empire were slaves or uneducated workers.

KitKat said...

It is ritual, not just a matter of the church. "It delves into our past as human beings - very spiritual for those who felt that their past. Touching the drum bang a gong, light incense and chant.'s Funny, my sister and I talked about this just before they deny me on Easter Sunday.

Orval said...

Not only the rituals created to act the same for everyone. Many feel that the routine creates perfection, and choose to give up their free will is to act like everyone else. preaches the religion of free will to choose to be given to their faith in a higher power, space is not necessary for free will.

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