Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Refinanced My Home For 15 Years At 4.75 Refinancing Home To Get Money! 15 Year Or 30 Year?

Refinancing home to get money! 15 year or 30 year? - i refinanced my home for 15 years at 4.75

We have to pay FHA home refinance our shares on the bills. Our mortgage of 250,000 to 5.8 per cent. My husband is 51 years and I'm 43 does not hae equity. We have 15 or 30 years. I want to do in 15 years, but we add 200 less than a month. I'm worried because of our time and the current market price. We had a second job, as he cut in 15 years. Every addiction?

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David Beasley said...

If you intend to sell the house in 5 years ...
They should be a 30-year fixed interest only. The prices are ~, 375% higher, but the required payment of $ s low. Now hold on ... You can pay more at first, but it is not necessary. Put $ 100 more per month will lower your head faster than if the amortized payment ... during the first 5 years. (all you skeptics is that the write-check tables)

If you plan to retire at home ...
Get 30 sets, but on the monthly payment 15yr note or talk to the management of BI optional weekly installments. As a result, significantly reducing your capital.

Note that you will improve your cash flow now that your credit cards are paid. BTW ... Close any credit cards ... And between $ 0 - $ 25 credit card balance to your credit score good.

Good question!

Good luck to you!

godged said...

First, I am always afraid when people start with their house as an ATM wide.

However, if the $ 200 per month, the concept note 15, which is not even considered, dass

They are not in this house forever, hopefully, when you go to sell, you need more than the elapsed time since you take any actions beyond.

I'd rather see you take the second job to pay their bills instead of refinancing the house and maybe get in a precarious situation.

RED said...

The 30th You can never again live in a place anyway. The payments will be lower and more can be made. If you do not plan on selling 4 -5 years, the market is nothing. Heal by then. ... but not before. If you have no equity, but now I doubt that you will be able to refinance. You only refinance if you assume 20%. If you qualify, you can always get further payments to the principle to.

Cheryl G said...

Get a loan of 30 years with an option of 15 payments. Then, when things down (as it is safe to do so), you can always pay back on 30 years without penalties.
Never rely on the work of a 2nd, a raise or equity capabilities. Plan what to do if the worst case occurs. So, if you do not, you're on a smooth sail.

Big daddy said...

Personally I go with 30, why make it harder for him with a girl of 15 years and have a second job to survive. You might look at 20 years, but I think you may find that not much difference between this and the 15, but it does not look hurt, too

Biggie @ Arbor Mortgage said...

Do not be buckled into a mortgage for 15 years! Get up to 30 years. It appears that you do not pay in a position to 15 years in this respect.

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