Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running Homecoming Princess Ideas Homecoming Princess!!!?

Homecoming princess!!!? - running homecoming princess ideas

I am a candidate for the princess back, and I need ideas for slogans and cute cute things please =] anything and everything that helps =]


The Smart One! said...

I was the Prom Queen, as I did in school and nothing to win. I was just me. Frankly, if you go at low level and people will not vote for them.

Mawniiic... said...

I was homecoming princess for the junior class in 2007 (:
Quite frankly, I haha nothing has happened. I myself have done, what does not and will not ask anybody to vote for me. But still be won by far the vote. Hmmm try to spend a little colorful cakes or brownies? Haha, I think it is very beautiful.

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